As the World Doubles Championship gets underway in Glasgow today, we take a look at everything you need to know about the game of doubles squash.

For some, this tournament will be a first exposure to the game of squash with four players on a court rather than two.

While it is the same sport, some of the strategy options opened up during doubles can make for exciting moments and matches!

Here’s a quick primer to let you know what to expect from the Championship.

Court Dimensions

One of the most noticeable differences between singles and doubles squash is the size of the court. To accommodate the extra two players, the court is 1.2 metres wider than a singles court. The length of the court remains the same.

This extra width allows all players to safely manoeuvre around the court, but it also creates a new set of challenges for players as a new set of angles and options come in to play.

Eye Protection

Unlike in singles competition, players are required to wear protective eyewear during doubles matches. With double the number of rackets swinging, and the risk of players getting caught between the ball and the wall, this rule is all about keeping the players safe on court.


As with singles squash, winning a point means that you serve. In doubles, the player that serves first for a team will continue to serve until they lose a point. When they lose a point the first player from the second team will serve. After losing a point the second player from the first team will now take their turn to serve.


Players will assign themselves as right-wall and left-wall players for the purpose of receiving serves. Once play gets underway, there is no requirement for the player to stay on their side of the court. When the rallies really get going, players often find themselves covering both sides and the back and front of the court!

The Racket

Players tend to use heavier rackets with higher string tensions. This allows them to guide their swing to swing through the ball cleanly.

Now that you know a bit more about doubles squash, perhaps you will be keen to tune in to the Championship. You might even fancy giving doubles a try the next time you are at your local squash club.

The WSF World Squash Doubles will feature men’s, women’s and mixed doubles events taking place over five days and culminating in the finals on Saturday 9th April. Tickets are available from just £5 for the mid-week sessions and are available for purchase on Eventbrite now There are special concessions for children (U-19) and students who go free for the first sessions on 5th and 6th April using the promotional codes ‘ChildrenFree’ and ‘StudentFree.’ 

For those unable to make it along, Day one of the championship will be broadcast live on Youtube, the WSF and Scottish Squash Facebook pages and on the Olympic Channel, with BBC iPlayer and SQUASHTV also broadcasting the later rounds.

Squash was recently voted by Forbes Magazine at the healthiest Sport in the world and getting involved couldn’t be easier. Many clubs run special deals for new members and offer competitive leagues throughout the year. Either pay a visit to a club near you for more information or contact Scottish Squash to get started. 

For more information on the WSF World Doubles Squash Championships, visit the tournament website or follow the WSF on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.