How to Play Squash

Whether for fun, socialising, fitness or spontaneity, we’ve got the perfect path to get you on the court and enjoying squash.

There are many ways you can enjoy squash, here are some of our favourites.

School Squash

Who is this aimed at: Early Years, Primary School, High School, Further and Higher Education.

We work with Active Schools personnel, Scottish Student Sport (SSS) and, where necessary, directly with schools and further education institutes to organise exit routes for participants: providing squash and/or racketball in school, links to local providers and competition.

The programme comprises of clusters of affiliated schools that will be linked together to enable regular fixtures and provide exit routes and pathways for enthusiastic participants. What’s more, teachers, senior pupils and volunteers at affiliated schools will be given exclusive access to CPD and qualification courses – free of charge.

Bespoke Taster Sessions

Who is this aimed at: Community Groups, Sports Teams, Fitness Classes.

We host a series of taster sessions aimed at introducing players to the sport. Sessions are designed to be fun, engaging and social.

Sessions are designed to meet the needs of the group. We offer everything from basic coaching to squashercise.

Lunchtime League

Who is this aimed at: Businesses and Corporate Enterprise.

Looking for a great way to exercise and let off some steam during your lunch break? Join our lunchtime league network and receive exclusive access to local courts at a great rate.

Recreational Membership

Who is this aimed at: Players outside of affiliated clubs.

Recreational members have access to an abundance of exciting playing and social opportunities. Participants are able to play for fun against friends, earn ranking points or join a box league. Participants also gain exclusive access to a database of like minded recreational players.

Join a Club

Become a full member by joining your local affiliated club. It doesn’t matter how experienced your are, or your squash level, our clubs accommodate all players. Improve your skills, join a team or play socially.

Looking for your nearest club? Check out our ‘Where to Play?’ page.

Get involved

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