Clubs are at the heart of squash in Scotland and at Scottish Squash we aim to support the creation and development of safe clubs that provide a sense of belonging for all players.

We have refreshed our club toolkit ahead of the new 2022/23 membership year.

The club toolkit features posters which you can use at your squash club, plus links to resources and guides which might be of use.

Clubs may also find it useful to check out our policies & procedures section of our website.

If you’re a coach why not check out the coaching resources section.

If you think something is missing from our Club Toolkit, or have a resource which you would like to share more widely with clubs across Scotland, please email and let us know!


Downloadable Posters

A selection of posters for display at your club.

Motivational Poster 1 – download here

Motivational Poster 2 – download here

Motivational Poster 3 – download here

Lisa Aitken, Georgia Adderley, Robyn McAlpine and Ally Thomson – download here

Rory and Greg World Runners up – download here

Newsletter poster – download here

SWIS 1 – download here
SWIS 2 – download here

You can download copies of posters that profile our Men’s Scotland National Team who will compete at the 2019 WSF Men’s World Team Championships in the USA in December 2019.

Greg Lobban – download here
Alan Clyne – download here
Rory Stewart – download here
Stuart George – download here
Lisa Aitken – download here
Alison Thomson – download here
Georgia Adderley – download here
Katriona Allen – download here

Sporty HQ Support

Looking for help with SportyHQ? These YouTube videos break down box leagues, court bookings and membership.

Setup and management – watch here

Opting in, opting out and cycles – watch here

Setting up courts – watch here

Global options – watch here

Reservation types – watch here

Membership policies – watch here

Calendar setup – watch here

Adding members – watch here

Managing members – watch here

Removing a member – watch here

Membership directory – watch here

Membership plan setup – watch here

Membership plan sign-up – watch here

Club Support Forum

Club Support Forums are a great opportunity for clubs across Scotland to share their learning.

These quarterly meetings are held on Teams, and will be recorded and shared as part of the Club Toolkit.

If you would like to attend the next Club Support Forum on behalf of your club, please email

This was an informative session led by Stewart Penman, President of Bridge of Allan Sports Club.

Some of the themes covered included:

  • Grant applications
  • Emergency/sinking funds
  • Covering the cost of increasing energy bills
  • Challenges for multi-sport clubs
  • Member consultations and fundraising

Watch it here.

This session was led by Andrew Jenkin of Club Development Consultancy.

Some of the themes covered include:

  • The pros and cons of being an incorporated club
  • The advantages of charitable status
  • Gift Aid for SCIOs and CASCs

Watch it here.

This session was led by Ailsa Polworth of Inverness Tennis and Squash Club.

Some of the themes covered include:

  • Attracting new members
  • Funding
  • Opportunities for all (competitive and social)
  • Where to begin?

Watch it here.

This session was led by Sports Marketer Barry Thomson, who runs the social media accounts for Western Squash Club.

Some of the themes covered include:

  • Identifying what success looks like for your club
  • Identifying a target audience
  • Choosing the right social media platforms
  • Tools to support clubs with content creation

Watch it here.

This session was led by Chris Rhodes and Lynsey Paris from Marsh Insurance.

Some of the themes covered include:

  • Ensuring your club has the right cover
  • Cover offered through Squash in Scotland “Squash” and “Squash+” membership
  • Case studies highlighting potential cost savings
  • The value of risk assessments

Watch it here.

This session was led by Alex Johnston from Spirit of 2012.

Some of the themes covered include:

  • Investing in the power of sport
  • The funding sector in Scotland
  • What difference your club makes
  • Insights into applying for funding

Watch it here.

This session was led by Aron Harper-Robinson from Calder Community Squash.

Some of the themes covered include:

  • Aron’s experience in setting up community initiatives
  • The success of Squash from the Mosque and Mixed Ability Squash
  • The importance of working with the community
  • The benefits of an inclusive approach for clubs

Watch it here.

Useful club documents

These documents can provide useful information in areas such as creating a constitution and GDPR compliance.

sportscotland have a handy guide to creating a club constitution – read it here.

Harper McLeod have a handy guide on GDPR for clubs – read it here