Referee Registration Scheme

In January 2019 Scottish Squash launched a new Referee Registration Scheme within Scotland. The aim of the registration scheme is:

  • To communicate more effectively with the refereeing workforce
  • To create a stronger network of referees
  • To further support the development of the refereeing workforce
  • To ensure strong governance at Scottish Squash Platinum events

In order to be recognised as an official Scottish Squash Referee and referee at Scottish Squash Platinum events all referees will be required to be registered with the Referee Registration Scheme.

If you are a referee looking to referee at junior competitions you will be required to join the Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) scheme or get a PVG update if you are already a member. Scottish Squash will be in touch to carry this out following your registration.

How do I Register?

To register individuals are required to hold a referee qualification and will be required to submit a copy of their certificate. If an individual does not hold a copy of their certificate they should contact Scottish Squash by e-mailing

Join the Referee Registration Scheme today by completing the online form here.

Keep Up-To-Date

Following the changes to GDPR we also encourage that all referees re-register to our mailing list. This way you can keep up-to-date on the latest news. You can sign up here.