Squash in Scotland Frequently Asked Questions 

Why is the membership structure changing?

The new membership structure has been designed in consultation with clubs and regional representatives to make our membership fees more equitable, and to give clubs the opportunity to pay for what they use.

At present, our clubs pay a fee based on the number of teams they have competing in leagues. This means that the system is not equitable.

The current system has seen the number of players grow, but membership income has not followed. That means that while demand for Scottish Squash services has grown, our ability to meet that demand has become stretched.

Our new membership system will be fairer for clubs and players alike, and it will allow all of us to play our part in developing squash in Scotland.

What do we get for our club fee?

Depending on the level of membership you choose, your club will receive a wide range of benefits. From access to advanced SportyHQ modules, club insurance for peace of mind and the ability to hold sanctioned competitions, there is a level of membership which is right for every club.

You can read more about the benefits here.

Does my club have to bulk register members?

We are encouraging clubs to ask players to sign up for individual membership independently, rather than having the club do it for them.

This will make the process run more smoothly for clubs, and it will also help individual members to keep up to date with their membership status.

If you decide that you do wish to bulk register your members and would like assistance in doing so, please email stuart.monteith@scottishsquash.org to arrange an individual meeting.

Does my club have to pay for player membership for all of our members to ensure they are covered by personal injury insurance?

Clubs may wish to pay player membership to ensure that all members are covered by personal injury insurance, however there is no requirement to do so.

The club could ensure that all members are aware of the cover offered by the player membership category to help all members to make an informed choice about the level of membership which is appropriate for them.

What is required to ensure club coaching is insured via Scottish Squash insurance?

In order to ensure that your club coaching is insured via Scottish Squash, at least one individual will need to hold a Coach Licence.