Frequently asked questions

In order to set-up a SportyHQ user account, go to

Click on ‘Create Account’ in the top right hand corner of the website and follow the on-screen instructions. This will then generate an email to confirm your email address. Open the email from SportyHQ and click on the link. A new page will then open asking for you to complete further information before submitting your profile.

When you set-up your SportyHQ profile, you will have had the option to select the club(s) at which you are a member. All clubs are automatically linked with your regional association, and hence the national governing body. By selecting a club in Scotland, your dashboard will automatically display events and sanctioned competitions linked to the Scottish Squash competition pathway.

When setting up your SportyHQ profile, it will ask users to select their country. If the ‘Country‘ box is set to ‘United Kingdom‘, only local authorities in England will show in the ‘State/Province‘ box.

To select a Scottish local authority,  search and select ‘Scotland‘ in the ‘Country‘ box. Scottish local authorities will then appear as a selection in the ‘State/Province‘ box.

Players without a ranking or who are new to SportyHQ will have a provisional ranking until they have played five matches. This is so that the platform can formulate an understanding of their level before affecting other player’s rankings.

An ESF ESID is a player’s European Squash Federation Identification Number. Any player competing in a European Squash Federation circuit competition (at Junior, Senior or Masters level) will require an ESID in order to compete.

Click here for further information and support on ESID numbers.

To check if you have a ESID number, go to and search for your name. If you do not appear on this database,  you need to register for an ESID here.

Click here for further information and support on ESID numbers.