Membership Frequently Asked Questions  

Why is the membership structure changing?  

Our current membership structure is not sustainable for the growth of Squash in Scotland.  

At present, our clubs pay a fee based on the number of teams they have competing in leagues. This means that the system is not equitable, as clubs with less members can pay more than clubs with more members, and vice versa.  

The current system has seen the number of players grow, but the membership income decrease. That means that while demand for our services has grown, our ability to deliver these services is becoming increasingly stretched.  

Our new membership system will be fairer for clubs and players alike, and it will allow our game to continue to grow and develop.  

What do I get for my membership fee?  

From the ability to play in inter-club competitions, to exclusive early access and discount to squash tickets, there are a huge range of benefits associated with your Squash in Scotland membership.  

You can read more about the benefits here 

Is membership for me?  

If you play in a squash league or in multi-club competitions and wish to continue to do so, you will need to join our Player membership.  

Even if you do not currently play in a league or competition, we believe that the benefits are sufficient to make it worthwhile for all squash players in Scotland to consider joining.  

For example, all our player members can play with peace of mind with personal accident insurance.  

You can read more about the benefits here 

Do I need to be a Squash in Scotland member to enter competitions? 

Bronze competitions sanctioned by Scottish Squash will continue to be open to all squash players in Scotland, subject to the rules set out by individual clubs. 

Players wishing to compete in Silver, Gold, Platinum and Masters circuit events will need an active Squash in Scotland player membership. 

Do I get a membership card?

No, you won’t receive a membership card. Once you become a Squash in Scotland member your SportyHQ profile will be updated to reflect this, and will grant you access to multi-club leagues and competitions.