It’s a moment all sports fans can relate to. Listening to the commentary and thinking “I could do that”.

Knowing what to say for all the big moments, thinking how best to describe the action… Then we try it, and realise just how challenging a job it can be!

We caught up with Kevin Moran, Coaching and Competitions Manager for Scottish Squash and commentating lead for the World Doubles Championship from Glasgow this week, to find out what it takes to commentate at the highest level of squash.

Before the game even begins, Kevin’s role as commentator is already underway, as preparation is crucial.

“I do a wee bit of research into the players, just basic info that might be interesting to the folks watching.

“I also make sure I have a bottle of water handy for my croaky voice!”

Kevin is no stranger to the world of elite squash. The former professional squash player played at the highest level for ten years, and competed in two Commonwealth Games.

He feels that his playing experience and knowledge gives him an advantage in the commentary box.

“It helps a lot. Having knowledge of a lot of the players involved in the event makes a difference, coupled with an understanding of the dynamic in doubles and the biggest difference between this game and singles.”

The commentary box can be a high-pressure environment, with the watching audience hanging on the commentator’s every word.

“When I’m commentating by myself, I absolutely get nervous.

“Once you’ve done a few and you realise that the world continues to spin if you mess up a few times, it ends up being good fun.”

For those keen to give it a go, Kevin has this simple advice:

“Don’t over think it. All you’re doing is chatting about Squash at the end of the day!”

If you want to hear more of Kevin’s commentary this week, the championship will be broadcast live on Youtube, the WSF and Scottish Squash Facebook pages and on the Olympic Channel, with BBC iPlayer and SQUASHTV also broadcasting the later rounds.

The WSF World Squash Doubles will feature men’s, women’s and mixed doubles events taking place over five days and culminating in the finals on Saturday 9th April. Tickets are available for purchase on Eventbrite now

Squash was recently voted by Forbes Magazine at the healthiest Sport in the world and getting involved couldn’t be easier. Many clubs run special deals for new members and offer competitive leagues throughout the year. Either pay a visit to a club near you for more information or contact Scottish Squash to get started.