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As squash players across Scotland eagerly anticipate a return to court in the near future, it’s imperative players at all levels are fully prepared.

After many frustrating months off court the last thing you want to do is get injured on your return to action – leaving yourself back on the sidelines once again.

As the old adage goes – fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

That’s why we’ve launched an interactive training resource for all players to use during the days and weeks ahead, in anticipation of your return to squash.

The tool can help players develop their very own return to squash training programme as they up training incrementally.

Simply follow the link HERE and once you are viewing the interactive graphic, click on the text to the right of any of the five circular icons (e.g. FOOT-WORK or FOOT-WORK 2).

The links will then take you directly to the various resources. You can download the graphic to use when needed.