Tournament Volunteers


Watching the World Doubles Championship, it has been easy to see the standout performances from the players, and the expert coaching given from the stands.

However, some of the true heroes of tournament squash are largely unsung, as they work hard out of the sight of the cameras.

A dedicated team of 18 volunteers have been working behind the scenes at Scotstoun to deal with ticketing, keeping the courts clean, helping spectators and athletes alike and ensuring the smooth running of the tournament.

We caught up with two of those volunteers, Matt Bedwell and Holly Keen, both from Glasgow, to find out what their role has been, and how they have found the tournament so far.

Matt has found himself doing lots of different jobs, as he explained: “I’ve been doing a variety of stuff been on the front desk. Making sure people have tickets, making sure the players are happy, and the teams are happy and know what they’re doing.

“We’ve been making sure spectators are not interfering with the referees and sitting where they should be.”

The volunteers were both keen to be part of such an important squash tournament, noting that it was rare for such an event to be held in Glasgow.

Holly was also keen to get the chance to watch some live squash. She said: “I thought it would be a great opportunity to see some squash and see some professional players. I haven’t watched a lot of professional squash before, so it has been really exciting for me.”

The duo spoke of long days, but with lots of fun moments and great opportunities within them.

Matt added: “It has been quite inspiring. I have seen lots of juniors coming down so hopefully it inspires people to get on court and enjoy it.”

And Holly’s biggest takeaway so far? “I would not want to be a referee” she said, with a chuckle.

Jack Brodie, Club Development Officer for Young People at Scottish Squash, and volunteer co-ordinator for the week, paid tribute to the hard work of all the volunteers at the tournament so far.

He said: “Major events such as the WSF World Doubles Championships simply would not happen without volunteers. Their contribution to the event has been absolutely vital throughout the week and has ensured that both spectators and players have had a positive experience.

“It’s been encouraging to see so many of the squash community give up their time to volunteer and I’d like to pass on a huge thanks to all of our volunteers from everyone at Scottish Squash.”

The championship is being broadcast live on Youtube, the WSF and Scottish Squash Facebook pages and on the Olympic Channel, with BBC iPlayer and SQUASHTV also broadcasting the later rounds.

The WSF World Squash Doubles features men’s, women’s and mixed doubles events, culminating in the finals on Saturday 9th April. Tickets are available for purchase on Eventbrite now

Squash was recently voted by Forbes Magazine at the healthiest Sport in the world and getting involved couldn’t be easier. Many clubs run special deals for new members and offer competitive leagues throughout the year. Either pay a visit to a club near you for more information or contact Scottish Squash to get started.