ETC 2016 Recap: Scotland promoted after flawless championships

Led by new National Coach Paul Bell, a squad comprising of Georgia Adderley, Claire Gadsby, Elspeth Young and Carrie Hallam set out to compete in the European Team Championships Division 3, in Bucharest, Romania this week. Knowing a top 2 finish would ensure promotion to Division 2, the team got off to a winning start and never looked back.

Dropping only a single individual match, throughout the entirety of the tournament, the team ran through their opposition in the group stages, semi-final and final to secure promotion and an unbeaten championship. An incredible achievement.

Take look at a full recap of the results below.

Match Schedule

Wed 20/04/2016 11:30 Women’s Team – Group A ScotlandScotland 2-1 LatviaLatvia
Wed 20/04/2016 16:30 Women’s Team – Group A ScotlandScotland  3-0 RomaniaRomania
Thu 21/04/2016 11:30 Women’s Team – Group A ScotlandScotland  3-0 GibraltarGibraltar
Fri 22/04/2016 10:00 Women’s Team – Group A ScotlandScotland  3-0 LuxembourgLuxembourg
Fri 22/04/2016 15:00 Women’s Team – Team 1-4 ScotlandScotland  3-0  FinlandFinland
Sat 23/04/2016 12:00 Women’s Team – Final ScotlandScotland  2-0  ItalyItaly

Match Results

Order Event ScotlandSCO[SCO] LAT[LAT] Latvia Score Points Duration
1 WS3
Adderley Georgia Scotland[SCO]
Latvia[LAT] Linda Svilane
11-1 11-1 11-4 1-0 2:07
2 WS1
Gadsby Claire Scotland[SCO]
Latvia[LAT] Ineta Mackevica
11-8 6-11 4-11 8-11 0-1 0:20
3 WS2
Young Elspeth Scotland[SCO]
Latvia[LAT] Liene Rieba
11-3 11-1 14-12 1-0 0:20

Order Event ScotlandSCO[SCO] ROM[ROM] Romania Score Points Duration
1 WS3
Hallam Carrie Scotland[SCO]
Romania[ROM] Szász Kincso
11-1 11-1 11-4 1-0
2 WS1
Young Elspeth Scotland[SCO]
Romania[ROM] Waari Doris
11-6 11-4 11-2 1-0
3 WS2
Adderley Georgia Scotland[SCO]
Romania[ROM] Cazan Alexandra
11-0 11-1 11-2 1-0

Order Event ScotlandSCO[SCO] GIB[GIB] Gibraltar Score Points Duration
1 WS1
Gadsby Claire Scotland[SCO]
Gibraltar[GIB] Bengtsson Sofia
11-1 11-3 11-2 1-0
2 WS2
Adderley Georgia Scotland[SCO]
Gibraltar[GIB] Gomez Jessica
11-3 11-1 11-4 1-0
3 WS3
Hallam Carrie Scotland[SCO]
Gibraltar[GIB] Duez Hayley
11-1 11-0 11-2 1-0

Order Event ScotlandSCO[SCO] LUX[LUX] Luxembourg W Score Points Duration
1 WS2
Young Elspeth Scotland[SCO]
Luxembourg[LUX] Iulia-Simona Bucur
11-1 11-5 11-2 1-0
2 WS1
Gadsby Claire Scotland[SCO]
Luxembourg[LUX] Sandra Denis
11-6 11-4 11-9 1-0
3 WS3
Hallam Carrie Scotland[SCO]
Luxembourg[LUX] Daniela Arcone
11-3 11-1 11-2 1-0

Order Event ScotlandSCO[SCO] FIN[FIN] Finland Score Points Duration
1 WS2
Adderley Georgia Scotland[SCO]
Finland[FIN] Emilia Korhonen
11-4 11-2 12-10 1-0
2 WS1
Gadsby Claire Scotland[SCO]
Finland[FIN] Riina Koskinen
11-6 11-4 11-4 1-0
3 WS3
Hallam Carrie Scotland[SCO]
Finland[FIN] Mustonen Kristina
11-6 11-7 1-0

Order Event ScotlandSCO[SCO] ITA[ITA] Italy Score Points Duration
1 WS1
Gadsby Claire Scotland[SCO]
Italy[ITA] Monica Menegozzi
8-11 11-7 12-10 5-11 11-5 1-0
2 WS3
Adderley Georgia Scotland[SCO]
Italy[ITA] Eleonora Marchetti
11-3 11-7 11-4 1-0
3 WS2
Young Elspeth Scotland[SCO]
Italy[ITA] Elisabetta Priante

Live Blog

An informal courtside report from coach Paul Bell.

Wednesday 20.4.16 – Scotland v Latvia

Match 1 (number 3’s) – Young Georgia began our campaign with a solid 3-0 win at number 3.

Match 2 (number 1’s) – Next up was Claire playing against the super strong Latvian number 1, who plays full time squash on the world tour. Claire played some great squash slotting those nicks to take the first game. The Latvian came back strong to take the next two games dominating the T. After a good start, experience showed as the Latvian extended the rallies making the game very tough: Claire’s 190bpm heart rate showed and squeezed the fourth to take the match 3-1.

Match 3 (number 2’s) – The decider fell to Elspeth to bring it home and she duly delivered for two games… after two superbly cool games of squash, the third saw something quite the opposite. After a serve out, at least 5 returns of serves straight into the tin, we were locked in suspense at 10 all. After a bit of scrappy play, a few fist pumps and a scream of “come on” the match was over and a 3-0 victory sealed the match win for Scotland.  A great win to begin for the girls and looking forward to facing the hosts Romania this afternoon (2:30 UK time) which is being streamed live at

Wednesday 20.4.16 – Scotland v Romania

Match 1 (number 3’s) – Carrie Hallam was our final player to make her senior debut today. Carrie almost began life as a senior international with a bagel, but was narrowly robbed of that accolade at 10/0 up. The aim of the game was to chill Carrie out on court tonight; she could have broken the record as the only player to ever finish a squash match with a lower heart rate then she started with! That calmness worked perfectly and a 3-0 win soon followed. It was a great achievement by the young Romanian, who after only 10 months playing squash was representing her country, and I’m sure she will continue to improve: possibly one to watch for the future.

Match 2 (number 1’s) – We had taken the bold move to rest our number 1 Claire. Elspeth stepped up to the challenge and by gosh it was a challenge. During the warm up it was clear the Romanian number 1 was an intense character, full of energy and raring to go; a little unorthodox but nothing major… boy were we wrong! The match had everything: the first shock came when the Romanian decided to change tactics after only 1 shot of the match and switch to the always reliable double handed backhand. After three points, in shock and awe, Elspeth gathered herself. Next, at 3 all in the first game, the Romanian pulled out the double handed fist pump which really got the crowd going.  It was mayhem!! The match was finely poised, and things started to get tense after a few tough rallies caused the Romanian to revert to grunting after every shot, which again troubled our Elspeth. She did, however, compose herself to play some lovely squash to get to match ball. However, the Romanian still working hard (and grunting) had one more trick up her sleeve. Winning back the serve we saw the highest toss up for a serve the squash court has ever seen; she thundered the ball straight at the body but luckily for us it was down. Elspeth wins the most bizarre match I’ve ever seen 3-0. Anyone who needs proof @minigadsby has video evidence on Twitter.

Match 3 (number 2’s) – After a great performance in the morning’s match Georgia (the executioner) Adderley got promoted up to the number 2 position. Looking confident, she made a great start and she never looked back: playing some lovely squash to produce our first bagel of the tournament. After a few words of wisdom, and a reminder to be nice, she raced to a 10/0 lead in the second game but a perfect length by her opponent saw a second bagel slip away and so too her good mood!! After a disappointed rant in between games, Georgia returned to the court to seal the 3-0 win and our second victory of the day. Tomorrow morning we face Gibraltar in our penultimate group game.

Thursday 21.4.16 – Scotland v Gibraltar

Match 1 (number 1’s) – Claire was out to lead the team by example today and duly delivered with a solid workman like performance setting the standard with a 11/1, 11/3, 11/2 win.

Match 2 (number 2’s) – Georgia remained at number 2 giving roomie Elspeth a bit of time to relax. Knowing she had a lot to live up to, Georgia was feeling the pressure and lost the first point. From there things were scrappy, for the remainder of the game with plenty of blocking on show, but she sealed the first 11/4. She gathered herself and played some composed squash in the second game, notching up 4 service aces in the process: although one was out on the half court line but the desperate leap by her opponent seemed to distract everyone from this fact. Game 11/1. The third started off with a bit of contention as the Gibraltar player seemed to square up to young Georgia… although it turned out she was asking her to serve a bit slower! This tactic seemed to work, but only slightly, Georgia brings it home 11/3.

Match 3 (number 3’s) – Carrie once again was under close scrutiny with the team tracking her heart rate. Looking cool, calm and collected at the beginning of the game, heat rate at 130bpm, Carrie suddenly felt the heat after 2 shots (serve & drop) and her heart rate jumped to 160bpm; even so, Carrie still managed to maintain composure and take the first game 11/1. She then followed that up with a brutal demolition of her opponent, delivering the team’s second bagel of the tournament. The third game Carrie decided to take it a little easier, looking to hit the tin… 5 perfect drop shots later it was 10/0 match ball?!? (Carrie has now unlocked the secret to her short game: aim for the tin, play perfect drop shots). The Gibraltar player put together a couple of good rallies before Carrie took the game 11/2 and confirmed our place in the semi-final with one group game to spare. We now have an afternoon off to explore the many delights Bucharest has to offer.

Friday 22.04.16 – Scotland v Luxembourg

We won! Top of the group!




Friday 22.04.16 – Scotland v Finland

Match 1 (number 2’s) – Despite a tricky semi final draw against a strong Finland side, we had a luxury of putting our order out tactically with Georgia stepping up into number 2 spot with strict orders to play at a high intensity to test the movement of her opponent and boy did she deliver. A stunning performance saw her move 2-0 up playing some controlled high paced squash before her opponent knew what was going on. The only blip was a stunning full court dive at 4/0 in the second which resulted in a fine. The Fin came back well in the third which was a bit of a nail biter but Georgia showed great determination saving a game ball and winning the match 12/10 putting us in a great position.

Match 2 (number 1’s) – Credit for this match should go to our Physio James who gave Claire a full MOT to get her back to peak physical condition and it really showed. The start of the match went as expected point for point a brutal affair but from 5/5 Claire to the match into her own hands. Playing the best squash I have seen her play, she destroyed her opponent who we were a little worried about 3/0 and in the process, sealing Scotland’s promotion into division 2 and gives us a final to look forward to against Italy tomorrow.

Match 3 (number 3’s) – With the match being a dead rubber Carrie played against the Finland number 4 and just to add insult to injury dispatched her with ease to complete the match. Scotland 3 Finland 0.

This win truly demonstrates the importance of teamwork every member of the team had a crucial part to play.

#Together Everyone Achieves More. TEAM

#A team who laughs together, win together

Saturday 23.04.16 – Scotland v Italy (Final)

Match 1 (number 1’s)
First up was Claire against a strong Italian player who had been tearing the tournament up with some great performances. Claire was looking confident beforehand after her great win yesterday. The first game was controlled by the Italian playing at a blistering pace. Claire rose to the challenge in the second and third playing some very patient and quality squash picking off her opponent to take a 2/1 lead. The crowd was become slightly rowdy and Claire did get caught up in some finger pointing which briefly distracted her and lost the fourth to take the match into a decider. As the crowd got louder and louder Claire gained control and despite a few dodgy decisions powered through to take the match. The conclusion saw a great fist pumping celebration from Claire which the Italian rudely got in the way of but regardless we were in a commanding position.
Match 2 (number 3’s) – Young Georgia has been solid as a rock all week and there was no one better to bring it home for the team. Georgia made a solid start and was completely in charge of the first 1 up. The second got a little more tense, as did the crowd, leading to a finger over the lips action from Georgia, we were getting a tad worried. As expected G regained composure and the match, promotion and the division 3 title was ours.
As this is my first trip as national coach of Scotland it has been a brilliant experience and great fun. We have had a fantastic team ethic between all players and support staff which has showed in the performances on court. The support at home has also been great, so we hope that the girls have done you proud. Look out for our finals day video, coming soon!

Results can be found here

Live streaming below

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