Download COVID-19 Guidance for Squash Clubs, Players, Coaches and Competitions in Scotland. Phase 3 – Published 23rd April 2021 – (version 6.1) here

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Please see here for a summary of how the Scottish Government’s timetable for easing coronavirus restrictions impacts squash activity in Scotland.

To view the protection level for your local authority area please click here.


UPDATED 15/09/2020

In line with The Scottish Government’s careful, evidence-based route map through and out of lockdown, the Scottish Squash COVID-19 Working Group (herein referred to as the Working Group) continue to carefully consider all the data and insight available in order to ensure any live guidance for a return to squash can remain at a level that meets Scottish Government approval.

The over-riding principles the Working Group have applied have consistently been the health, safety and welfare of those involved with squash in Scotland, taking into account all relevant and particularly national guidance. Any return to squash is being done as quickly as possible within that context.

The sport specific guidance for clubs, players, coaches and competitions (herein referred to as ‘the general guidance’) – published on Wednesday 26th August – is in line with the current phase of Scottish Government guidance. Additionally, the general guidance also aligns to the current return to performance sport guidance, which sportscotland and Scottish Government have worked with partners to develop (appropriate to Scotland & the route map through & out of the COVID-19 pandemic). The current phase of the return to performance sport guidance is allowing for the same level of squash activity/coaching outlined in section 3.5, 4.5 and 5.2 of the general guidance and, as yet, there has been no further easing of on court based activity. With this in mind, the Working Group took the decision to initially submit the general guidance with confidence that it would be approved in the earliest timeframe possible to support its release to clubs, players and coaches, in turn supporting the earliest possible phased re-opening, notwithstanding any local and individual club/facility based factors, of squash clubs and facilities in Scotland.

Furthermore, the Working Group have been working closely with all the member clubs who have opted in and engaged with the Club Support Forum that continues to provide a collaborative voice for squash in Scotland. In shaping the general guidance over the last few months, the collective view of the Club Support Forum has continued to be considered. Clubs and facilities have expressed their support for a phased return, both to allow their club/facility the time to understand and implement the additional off court protocols and to support their members with a phased return to on court activity and following a lengthy period of inactivity.

[The Club Support Forum remains open for any member club to join at any point. Clubs are reminded that they can nominate one adult (18+) representative – ideally a member of their management/board/committee – to join the forum and should contact with the name and email address of the nominated individual.]

[UPDATED] The Working Group are continuing to work with sportscotland and Scottish Government to review and update both the general guidance and the return to performance sport guidance, and will continue to endeavour to ensure that squash can move through the phases of its return in line with Scottish Government advice as quickly as possible. At the moment, the current indicative date for a return to indoor contact sport (subject to guidance) is Monday 5th October, pending the First Minister’s announcement on the 1st October review.