COVID-19 Working Group update – A welcome return for all squash in Scotland

Following the Scottish Government’s announcement on Tuesday (13th July), which confirmed the move to Level 0 for all of Scotland, we are delighted to confirm that squash will be able to return in all clubs and facilities, and for players of all ages, as of Monday 19th July.

The ‘Guidance for Squash Clubs, Players, Coaches and Competitions in Scotland’ has been updated to reflect the recent Scottish Government announcement and can now be accessed via the link above or at the website page below:


This guidance is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach as we appreciate that squash clubs and facilities vary across Scotland. As such, and while public health remains all of our primary priority, individual squash clubs should risk assess appropriately to ensure these procedures can be implemented.

Please continue to err on the side of caution; clubs should not open, or return all aspects of their programme, until all the necessary measures to ensure the safety of players and volunteers can be implemented. Some topics and FAQs, and accompanying ideas and suggestions, have been added to the website at the link above. Thank you to all the clubs who have supported in pulling this information together; we encourage your club to continue to engage via the Club Support Forum.

Players should only play if they feel fit, well and can adhere to the guidance put in place by their club. Also, given the length of time squash activity has been suspended, it is advised that anyone returning to court eases themselves back into play gently. There is absolutely no urgency or pressure to return to the court, however, if clubs and players feel ready and the guidance is adhered to, squash activity can resume under the stated conditions. Where clubs require additional time to re-open, or to return certain aspects of their programme, please be patient and respect their decision.

We hope you enjoy a safe return to the court!