Masters Home International

Season 2014 – 2015

Schedule of matches

                      ___         ________________ _________  
MO40/60 WO35/40 April 24th-25th 15 Wales, Cardiff
MO35/55/75 WO55 May 1st-2nd 15 Ireland, Dublin
MO50/70 WO50 May 8th-9th 15 England, Nottingham
all age groups May 10th-17th 15 British Open, tbc
MO45/65 WO45 May 22nd-23rd 15 Scotland, Aberdeen


Cardiff MO40 MO60 WO35/40
Captains John Kynoch Jim Dougal Helen Nicoll
Peter Buchan Emilio Fazzi Hayley MacDonald
Roddy Campbell Dave Sturman Sue Strachan
Angus Woodward David Taylor Ashley Mears
Mark James Alex Allan Joyce Leach
Peter O’Hara John Rae Eunice Bond
Dublin MO35 MO55 MO75 WO55
Captains Andrew MacBean David McAleese Vincent Taylor Moira Atkinson
Michael Black Alan Thomson Andrew Rugg-Gunn Eunice Bond
Peter O’Hara Peter Shivas Pauline Douglas
Craig Duff Neil Rayner Christina Graham
Keith Simpson Simon Gogolin Rosie Fraser
Blair McKenzie Norman Patterson Faith Sinclair
Nottingham MO50 MO70 WO50
Captains Brian Robertson Ken Reid Moira Atkinson
Chris Holt Dave Brown Pauline Douglas
Simon Gogolin Vincent Taylor Joyce Leach
Russell Hunter Mike Gibson Jennifer McArtney
Jimmy Wells Alfie Thomson Christina Graham
Alan Thomson Sue Strachan
Aberdeen MO45 MO65 WO45
Captains Mark James Ian Ross Julia Horsburgh
Frank Ellis Alex Sinclair Sabine MacKenzie
John Kynoch Alex Everingham Fiona Morrison
Malcolm Kerr Chris Wilson Joan Smith
Peter Buchan Jim Dougal Heather Spens
Simon Gogolin Emilio Fazzi Sue Strachan
Mark Beaumont



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