Scottish Squash is currently recruiting for the position of President. The company is seeking nominations for a new President based on the attached job specification.  We seek nominations from the Squash community and also from out with the squash network; particularly if Members can identify an individual with the requisite skills.

The nomination of President has to be made by a Full Corporate Member (i.e. a club, unincorporated association, company or other corporate form admitted to membership of Scottish Squash).  There is, therefore, an opportunity to elect someone from out with the current board or someone from out with squash (provided they are nominated by a Full Corporate Member).

Any nomination has to be sent in to Scottish Squash by Friday 17 August 2018, in preparation for the AGM on 16th September 2018, and will include the following:

  • A statement of reasonable length from the Full Corporate Member in support of the candidate’s nomination (if written and submitted by the candidate).
  • A statement signed by the nominee confirming his/her willingness to stand;
  • A statement from the nominee confirming either that he/she has no financial interest in the game of Squash, or if he/she does have such interests then setting out in full the nature and extent of those interests.

Please send nominations by email to or mail to Scottish Squash, Oriam, Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh, EH14 4AS, to arrive at Scottish Squash Office no later than close of play on Friday 17th August 2018.