Funding for Referees

To create a sustainable refereeing infrastructure, encourage newcomers to refereeing, and to assist what is a 100% volunteer “workforce” to reach their full potential, Scottish Squash has set up a Referee Development Fund (RDF) with the express purpose of creating sustainable structures and a viable and skilled referee cohort.

Referee Development Fund (RDF)

The fund will be funded by the sport itself.

The RDF will fund recruitment and personnel development activity of officials.

The RDF will not fund routine referee expenses, which will continue to be covered by venues and hosts where that is the case.

The RDF will be ring fenced and will only be spent for Referee Development.

Unspent monies will be carried over to the following year.

RDF expenditure will be spent against set objectives and a plan approved by the Scottish Squash Board.

The Scottish Squash Board has agreed that to fund the RDF, all event entries will increase in price from January 1st 2015 by £2 per entry. This will be the first increase in event costs in many years. Funds will be taken by Scottish Squash and placed in the RDF as part of the event reconciliation process.

Other sources of funding will be sought.

If you would like more information please contact info@scottishsquash.org