The information and resources provided in this section can support players to develop their own squash ability or can support coaches to develop the ability of players that they are working with.

The documents below also provides links to Scottish Squash’s YouTube channel where video content supports the documents further.

Individuals and clubs can utilise these resources in their own environments. Individuals can scan the QR code via their phone, this will then directly link them to a video demonstration/tutorial on our official YouTube channel.

Click on any of the resources below to download a copy of the resource.

Laying The Foundations – Developing Core

Oriam Sport Scientist, Katrina Gibben, takes us through a useful session on developing essential core and gluet strength for squash.

These exercises can be done at all levels of the game to improve stability and control of movement throughout the court.

Laying The Foundations – Key Principles

Scottish Squash Director of Squash, Paul Bell, takes us through the ‘key principles’ to getting better at squash. This section touches on these four key areas:

  • Grip
  • Movement
  • Line of swing
  • Racket & body preperation