Dear Member

We are aware that a number of Scottish Squash member clubs and members, primarily those registered as a Club Administrator on SportyHQ, will have today received a communication from SportyHQ advising of the introduction of a payment plan for a range of services that Scottish Squash member clubs have been accessing free of charge.

We would like to apologise for the error that led to the unsolicited communication and ask that all clubs and members disregard its content until further notice. Scottish Squash and SportyHQ are currently in year three of a four year agreement, in which all SportyHQ core services (Club Page, Rankings, Box Leagues, Membership Directory) are provided free of charge, excluding any occasion whereby they require payment to be taken through the SportyHQ platform. Please note that the Online Court Booking System and the Membership Billing System are premium level services which do also have associated costs.

Scottish Squash, in close liaison with a number of our member clubs, have been working closely with SportyHQ to support our joint ambition to further develop the services available. We are also monitoring the increasing use of SportyHQ services by our member clubs and would like to thank clubs for their continued feedback and support for the system. With this in mind, we have started discussions around an extension to our current agreement that we hope will bring further benefits for squash players throughout Scotland.

All members and clubs will be informed of any developments as soon as the information is available.

If anyone has any queries regarding SportyHQ, please can you contact in the first instance.

Scottish Squash Ltd.