The WSF Board are expanding specific aims for SPIN in supporting our programmes on behalf of the sport and our stakeholders and enhancing its use as a tool for information flow and providing benefits. Beginning at the start of 2018, SPIN will become an annual licence fee for players, team officials and coaches.

One priority is to provide relevant information to all groups, such as rules information, championship details, masters updates, coaching resources etc. This will involve resourcing by WSF. We are also beginning to offer member benefits too such as squash-related discounts that we hope that SPINs will like. Details will be uploaded as they are added.

The initial Registration fee will be unchanged at £15, but there will be an annual renewal fee for subsequent years set at £10 for adults, and £5 for juniors (still Under 19 on 1st January at the start of the renewal year)

However, WSF is mindful that the current SPIN registered individuals were offered it on a once-for-lifetime basis, so SPINS paid before 31 December this year will not be subject to an annual renewal fee.

Registration Rebates will continue to be offered to Regions and when the planned worldwide refereeing programme – being developed in partnership with PSA – goes live during 2018, rebates will be offered to Nation Federations for referee course fees. (Details of this will be published during the first quarter of next year).



Andrew Shelley

Chief Executive