Scottish Squash is delighted to have signed up to the Scottish LGBT Sports Charter.

The Equality Network, who launched the charter, want Scotland to be a country where everyone can take part, enjoy and succeed in sport at all levels whatever their sexual orientation or gender identity.

The charter was developed in consultation with sports governing bodies, other sports stakeholders and LGBT people.

And Scottish Squash have been working closely with the staff at the Equality Network to make sure that all staff and coaches are up to speed on the charter and its aims.

Squash in Scotland has always aimed to be inclusive, but CEO Maggie Still believes signing up to the charter reaffirms this – and is a big moment moving forward.

“We have been working hard in this direction for the last 18 months and as soon as David Fallon from Scottish Squash made contact with the Equality Network we were delighted to get involved with the charter because it breathes life into the work that we do,” Still said.

“Squash is a game for all and we are thrilled to be recognised in this way by signing the charter.

“It is also a springboard for us to be able to do more work in that area and the LGBTI population play such a vibrant part in Scottish life and we do not want any barriers to our sport.”

Edinburgh squash player Elaine Inglis echoed Still’s thoughts stating: “I think this is a good thing, anything that can make young people coming into a sport feel more comfortable has to be a positive.

“Things have changed a lot over the years and there is a lot more support out there for youngsters now, but as a squash community if we can show that everyone is welcome and that there are people there for them to talk to if they need it, that’s good.”

Ewen Cameron, sportscotland Partnership Manager for Scottish Squash, said: “Squash has been at the forefront of helping develop this charter project and David Fallon, Maggie Still and others within the organisation have really put in a lot of work and driven things forward working with the Equality Network and other similar organisations.

“Squash is a sport that is really well placed to be inclusive for all. It is good to recognise where some groups are perhaps under represented and this charter is a great step forward.”

Scott Cuthbertson from the Equality Network added: “Scottish Squash have been very proactive when it comes to the charter and it is great to see their interest and desire to work with us going forward and perhaps take the sport to new user groups.”