Scottish Schools Squash Competition

Details on the 3rd Scottish Schools Squash competition can be downloaded here

This will be the 3rd Annual Schools Competition since the competition was recreated in season 2012-13.

The format has been further refreshed to encourage all schools in Scotland to enter.

The competition is open to both boys and girls.

Teams of only 3 are required.

To encourage new players there are restrictions on age and the number of squad players who can take part.

Also, in Games year, there is no requirement for players to be members of SSRL.

The format envisages SSRL’s clubs making links with their local schools for the early competition rounds. It is to be hoped that these relationships will develop further over time, as the potential of squash as a core sporting option is realised.

The competition launch coincides with the roll out of SSRL’s resource for schools “Squash Try It, Play It, Love It, designed for all schools.

Schools seeking details on “Squash Try It, Play It, Love It should contact info@scottishsquash.org 

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