Last weekend, 3 universities from across the East of Scotland got together to take part in Scottish Squash and Racketball’s first regional event.

The first round of the competition saw Stirling, Edinburgh and hosts Heriot-Watt take to the courts to battle. The event was open to both recreational and competitive players, split across 2 draws.

In the recreational draw it was Edinburgh University who proved to be the most consistent, with Stirling in second and Heriot-Watt finishing third.

Recreational Rankings

University A B C D Points Rank
A Stirling University  X 1 2 2 5 2nd
B Edinburgh University 2  X 3 3 8 1st
C Heriot-Watt University 1 1 0  X 1 2 4th
D Heriot-Watt University 2 1 0 2  X 3 3rd

The hosts rose to the occasion in the competitive draw, winning both their matches. Edinburgh University came in second and Stirling third.

Competitive Rankings

University A B C Points Rank
A Stirling University  X 1 0 1 3rd
B Edinburgh University 2  X 0 2 2nd
C Heriot-Watt University 3 3  X 6 1st

SSRL would like to thank everyone who took part, Heriot-Watt for hosting and the volunteers who gave up their time to officiate.

If you’re interested in taking part in the future or would like to enquire email

Image: C.Cox

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