Talent Squad

The Talent Squad will be run by the Talent Squad Lead Coach who will be guiding the young players through the process of developing all the necessary attributes for the athletes to begin to compete at the top level. The programme will be holistic to develop all the necessary attributes a top junior squash player requires with a strong focus on technical and skill development and coached at a level that will be understandable and workable for all athletes involved.  This will be the perfect opportunity for players to build all the necessary skills to be a top squash player in a highly supportive and quality environment surrounded by their teammates. The Talent Squad has a maximum capacity of 24 players and therefore players are likely to be selected & de-selected throughout the season depending on attitude, application in training and also tournament results.

Congratulations to the players who are part of the Youth Talent Squad. If you would like to discuss any elements of the programme further please contact info@scottishsquash.org

These players have been listed below.


Adam Hunter Hugo MacPherson
Andrew Torbet Huzaifah Ali
Arun Pathal Kyle Penman
Ben Barron Marcus Henderson
Ben Orr Peter Macari
Brodie Young Rory Richmond
David Riches Sandy Niven
David Taylor Struan Donald
Findlay McDougall Thomas Clark
Hamish Buchanan Wiiliam Jack