We are delighted to be welcoming the full staff team for Scottish Squash as they make the move out to Oriam. The performance programme has been based at Oriam, and previously at the Heriot-Watt Centre for Sport and Exercise, for a number of decades. However, having the full staff team permanently based within Oriam is extremely exciting and demonstrates the strength of our partnership moving forward.

Maggie Still, Chief Executive Officer for Scottish Squash and Racketball made the following comments about the move:

“Scottish Squash are delighted to be moving to Oriam. We are convinced that having the Scottish Squash team based together at  Scotland’s Sports Performance Centre will enable us to deliver our goals of medals at major Championships and in particular the forthcoming Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast.

Oriam will continue to be the central focus for Squash in Scotland and we are keen that the benefits of our work and learning in Oriam will cascade into Regions and Clubs and raise the standard of Squash across Scotland.

All the Oriam staff would like to say a massive welcome to the Scottish Squash team and are very much looking forward to sharing our fantastic facility with you.

Oriam has an impressive 8 squash courts that are available free of charge as part of a facility membership or £6.60 for a guest. For more information about Oriam’s facilities or how you can play squash at Oriam please call 0131 4518400 or visit www.oriamscotland.com