Junior Selections Announced

We are delighted to announce players have been selected to represent Scotland at the upcoming international events.

Your team coach will be in touch with all of the event and travel details as well as details of a pre-event training squad.

Congratulations on your selection and I hope you enjoy the experience of representing your country.

Best of Luck,

Paul Bell

SSRL National Coach

In the U19 European Team Championships 2017, which will take place in Lisbon, Portugal from 13th – 16th April 2017.

The team for the event are:

Coach: Stuart George
B1 Patrick O’Sullivan
B2 Alasdair Prott
B3 Ross Henderson
G1 Georgia Adderley
G2 Eve Driver

In the Five Nations Championships, which will take place in Cardiff, Wales from 31st March– 2nd April 2017.

The teams for the event are:

Coach: John Georgeson
B1 Andrew Glen
B2 Marcus Henderson
B3 Ben Orr
B4 Hugo McPherson
G1 Orla Young
G2 Lucy Murchie

Coach: Mark Beaumont
B1 Rory Richmond
B2 Findlay MacDougall
B3 Ben Barron
G1 Jemma Young
G2 Anna Halliday
G3 Erin Jones