Sporty HQ Rankings

Everyone who registers to SportyHQ will be given a ranking no matter how much or little squash you play. A players individual SportyHQ ranking will change on a game by game basis depending on results entered to the system. As well as the SportyHQ ranking points you will notice the system gives each individual a confidence percentage as well as ranking points. The confidence percentage is  an indication that the score is currently valid by looking for recent match results against a broad range of players in leagues and tournaments.

There is a little question mark that explains each player’s confidence and provides guidance on what they can do to improve it.

Please be aware that as the system is new to Scottish Squash and with so many new players registering to the system ranking points may not be fully accurate. As we enter more results to the system these will begin to come right.

If you would like to discuss the SportyHQ ranking system further or any other aspect of SportyHQ please contact us on info@scottishsquash.org

Scottish Squash Rankings

As SportyHQ is new this season to Scottish Squash it may be necessary to run official age group rankings on a separate basis. Work on this method is currently getting looked into. This has changed as rankings were run through the previous Matrix system which is not utilised by Scottish Squash anymore.

Similar to SportyHQ, if you would like to discuss this further please contact us on info@scottishsquash.org