Platinum and Gold Sanctioned Competitions

Applications to host Platinum and Gold competitions in the next season will open for a designated period each year. For 2023, these windows are:

Platinum: 3rd – 28th May 2023

Gold: 7th June – 9th July 2023

Bronze and Silver Sanctioned Competitions

Applications to host Bronze and Silver sanctioned competitions are open throughout the season. See below for more information and the full application form.

Bronze and Silver Sanctioned Competitions: Apply Here


Bronze Sanctioned Competitions (One Day Competitions)

These entry-level competitions are aimed at locally based juniors and adults who are new to sanctioned competitions. This is the first step into sanctioned competitions. Clubs can run either Adult Bronze or Junior Bronze competitions.

Who for: Juniors or Adults

  • Typically one day competitions.
  • Aimed at grass roots/beginner level and ideal for players starting on their competitive journey.
  • Usually the goal is to have players playing as many games as possible, in a relatively relaxed atmosphere and flexible structure.
  • Option to run the competition in a graded format if desired.
  • No levy of entry fees retained by Scottish Squash for Bronze sanctioned competitions.
  • Questions about Bronze competitions? Email

See our Regulations for Sanctioned Competitions for full details.


Silver Sanctioned Competitions

Silver competitions attract higher ranked players. These are open competitions that are run in a graded format for all levels. Silver sanctioned competitions can be run either as juniors only competitions, adults only competitions or combined junior/adult competitions.

Who for: Juniors or Adults or Junior/Adult combined

  • Run in a graded format, whereby players compete within their ability and male and female players are mixed.
  • Competition organisers may decide to run Silver sanctioned competitions as open competitions where all levels and ages can enter. We refer to this as a combined junior/adult competition.
  • Organisers also have the option to restrict to juniors only or adults only.
  • Can be run over one or two days, as decided by the local competition organiser.
  • No levy of entry fees retained by Scottish Squash.
  • Questions about Silver competitions? Email

See our Regulations for Sanctioned Competitions for full details.

Bronze and Silver Competitions Application Form

Please select the competition* you wish to run:

*If you wish to run multiple competitions, please submit separate application forms for each.


Clubs and facilities that are applying to host a Platinum competition are asked to familiarise themselves with the Regulations for Sanctioned Competitions and Roles and Responsibilities for Sanctioned Competitions. Please tick the boxes below to indicate that you have read these documents and understand the requirements.

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