Bronze Events (One day events)

These competitions are an entry-level competition aimed at locally based juniors who are new to the sanctioned event circuit. This is the first step into sanctioned events and entry into the national ranking system.

Who For: juniors

  • Aimed at grass roots level and ideal for players starting on their competitive journey.
  • 1 day events where the aim is to have players playing as many games as possible in a relatively relaxed atmosphere and flexible structure.
  • Ranking points on offer allowing players to take their first step into competitive squash.

Silver Events (One or two day events, dependent on entries)

These competitions attract higher ranked Scottish players. These are open competitions that are run in a graded format for all levels. Silver events can be run as junior only competitions or be opened up for both junior and senior players.

Who For: juniors & seniors

  • Follows current graded format where players play within their ability and male and female players are mixed.
  • Tournament organisers may decide to run silver events as open events where all levels and ages can enter or restrict to juniors and/or seniors.
  • Could run over 1 / 2 days (entry dependant).
  • Ranking points available.

Bronze & Silver Events (please tick one)