Early Years Squash

The TOTS stage of Mini Squash provides suggestions and ideas for activities that can be used with young children aged 3 years and above.

The children can expect to achieve the following experiences and outcomes:

  • Learning how to move my body well, use and share space
  • Developing movement skills through practice and energetic play
  • Needs and feelings when taking turns and sharing resources, need to follow rules
  • Exploring and observing movement, I can describe what I have learned

We can provide rackets and balls to support the use of the following equipment:

  • Rackets
  • Balls (small, medium and large; variety of bounciness)
  • Balloons
  • Bean bags
  • Marker cones
  • Throw down lines/spots

Affiliated nurseries can opt to receive our new RacquetWall tool, installed and maintained by SSRL. Comprised of non-marking tape the RacquetWall tool can be adjusted to fit any flat wall and takes only minutes to install.

Affiliated nurseries will also be provided with a free teaching resource, should they desire to include racketball in their curriculum delivery.

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