Give Squash57 a try

Enjoy squash but want to give something different a try? Squash57 is for you!

What is Squash57?

  • Squash57 is exciting.
  • Squash57 is ideal for players of all ages and abilities.
  • Squash57 skills are acquired quickly.
  • Squash57 rallies are longer and beginners rapidly gain confidence in their game.
  • Squash57 is played on a standard squash court and uses a large bouncy ball and a racket with a large head making the game easy to play.
  • Squash57 players are therefore quick to enjoy a competitive game and a great workout!

Why Squash57?

First things first – not only is Squash57 a lot of fun, it’s an excellent form of exercise.

Squash57 is a game suited to all ages and abilities, from absolute beginners; to those returning to any sport; to the tennis or squash player who wants a fun alternative, and to the older ‘squashie’ who wants to continue playing competitive sport.

Whether you are new to the world of rebound racket sports, or an experienced squash player, you are guaranteed to get both a competitive game and a great workout!

Squash57 is a great ‘fat burner’ as it encourages longer rallies therefore offering a fantastic aerobic workout!

Squash57 uses most of your major muscle groups so it’s also great for shaping and toning your body. There is less twisting and turning involved than squash which means Squash57 is also kinder on knee and ankle joints.

Squash57 is an exciting alternative for squash players looking for a new challenge.

Many players continue playing both squash and Squash57, and some new Squash57 players discover the challenges of playing squash.