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World Outgames 2013

“The World Outgames 2013 in Antwerp was a rollercoaster of excitement and expectation with old and new friends in a beautiful city. Including 40 competitors and 4 sections, the squash tournament was run over 3 days and included preliminary rounds to establish seedings, round-robin sections and finally a knock-out.

Having won gold in 2009’s World Outgames in Copenhagen the pressure was on me to repeat that performance and beat my old foe Glenn Clark, a New Zealander now living in The Netherlands. I’d beaten him twice in Copenhagen but lost at his home Rainbow Squash Club in Amsterdam at their annual tournament in 2010. Having not played him since, and not feeling fully fit in our off-season, I was worried about this competition.

This concern proved to be correct when I lost 2-0 in our preliminary round match, giving Glenn the number 1 seeding for the rest of the event and a boost in confidence. For me, I wasn’t too concerned. The preliminaries meant little and gave me a better idea as to how the courts at Antwerp’s superb CenterCourt played. Challenging matches on Tuesday and Wednesday prepared me further but without making me feel uncomfortable with my fitness level. And so to the final… A nervous start for both of us kept the scores tight with me taking the first 11-9 and the initiative in the match. The most consistent backhand length rallies I’ve ever played, pressurising volleys from the T and minimal mistakes were making the difference. He wasn’t liking being twisted and turned and I was disguising shots at the front with success. The second continued the same way up till 6-6 when he surged to 10-6 with a mis-hit winner off a tight ball at the front left, and some good shots, leaving me at gameball down and the bit between my teeth if I was to not let him back into the match. An identical mis-hit winner helped me out where it could have gone the other way. At 10-10 he regained the advantage and I didn’t want my hard work to have been to no avail. I took the game 13-11 and left him greatly frustrated. A confident 11-6 in the third won me the match and I retained my title. I had achieved my objective in Antwerp and could now fully enjoy the Outgames experience.

It’s always inspiring to watch other competitors in their chosen sports and so I watched the local Edinburgh LGBT-friendly football team lose gallantly 2-1 from the last kick of the ball to a German ‘Dream Team’. The volleyball took place on the site of an old World War I fort, providing an unusual tourist experience in the process. I marvelled at the synchronised swimming – swimming 2 lengths of the pool tires out my skinny arms so to watch the French team keeping position in a perfect triangle and move seamlessly into a circle, then hold one leg up while maintaining the position, is completely beyond me.

The locals were welcoming at all times and the majority were able to converse in English, making everything much easier in the Dutch-speaking ‘Flemish capital’ of Belgium. I recommend the mussels in local Seef beer, taken from the Scheldt River running along the west side of the city. And the kriek beer. Cherries seem to be popular in Belgium, from cherries and cream on waffles, to sour kriek – dutch for cherry – beer and I heartily recommend you try it if you get a chance. CenterCourt serves the popular Mystic kriek beer so if you find yourself in the area, get on down there for a quick game of squash – or racketball on their full-size court – and enjoy their excellent hospitality while you’re there.”

Report by Jonathan MacBride